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The miller

The millers of La Vall

In the valley there were some millers since the grinding of the wheat to obtain flour was a basic activity for the subsistence economy.

The river course of the Aiguadora, through the current municipality of Navès, was the witness of up to eight groups of millers: El Molinot, Cal Guirre, Ca l’Ambròs, El Molí Nou de Postils, El Molí Vell de Canaleta, Can Feliu, Vila-Seca and Moscavera. From all of them, we can currently see two, which have been restored: the mills of Ca l’Ambròs and Cal Guirre.


You could not see any mouse anywhere because they were over satiated. As there were always sacks of grain and flour, they didn’t even care! –tells Maria from ca l’Ambròs.

The grain cleaner. Once the crops are harvested, threshed and bagged, the wheat is stored. When they need flour, the wheat is carried to the mill where, before being grinded, it must be cleaned.This process is carried out in the grain cleaner, where the wheat is cleaned from other substances (straw, soil, stones…).

The flour wheel: after the grinding of the cereal, through an endless screw, the flour, together with the bran, arribes from the flour bin of the mill to some small pans joined by a leather tape(elevator) which carries it to the inside of the wheel. There, a big sieve made of cloth with wefts of different thickness will separate the flour according to its fineness.

Els sons del molí