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Smith and sawyer

In Cal Guirre, you can visit the smithery, where the smith also worked as a farrier and nailer. In Ca l’Ambròs, there were also a smithery but it disapeared due to an overflow of the river.

The smith is the artisan who works the red-hot iron to shape it. He needs a hearth, a system of air to stoke up the fire, anvils and tools to hit with.

Farriers and nailers were some of the craftworks associated to this job. Horses, mules and donkeys were essential animals for the work of the field and also as means of transport. One of the tasks of the smith was to shoe the hoofs of he animals with horseshoes that he made himself. In Cal Guirre they still have rings screwed on the wall for tying the horses.

When I was young I remember seeing up to 10 animals waiting for their turn to be shoed –Josep Pujol’s daughter explains, he was the last smith.