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Carpenter and sawyer

In Cal Guirre they had to be carpenters as well and now we can visit the place where he worked.

The carpenter’s workshop was basically used to make all kind of wooden pieces which were necessary for the daily life, the handles for the tools of the field, clogs, treen finger protector (esclopets), troughs, etc. The power of the water was also used to activate other machines quite useful for the carpenters and the cart makers (flattener, trepan machine, grinding machine and wheel).

The sawmill of Ca l’Ambròs and the one of Cal Guirre are preserved in a very good condition and both can be visited while in use. Here, they worked the logs to make beams, boards, planks and laths.

They are two sawmills of circular saw which use hydraulic power fthrough a pulley which, once it turns, transforms the hydraulic power to mechanical through a drive shaft, , a system of shafts, pulleys and straps which activate not only the sawmills but also the associated machinary, for example, the grindstone.