to the valley where present and past live together

The Ecomuseum of La Vall d’Ora includes de old school of La Vall d’Ora (l’Estudi), just right next to it we find the rural house ca l’Ambròs, and in about 500 m far, following the path of the irrigation ditch, there is Cal Guirre. Here, you will discober how life was like in those country houses and the jobs of millers, carpenters, smiths, etc.


L’Estudi (the school) is the old school building of the children from la Vall d’Ora. The ground floor was where the classes took place and the upper floor was where the teacher lived. Nowadays, l’Estudi is the space of the reception of the visitors to the Ecomuseum. In this building we can see a little display of the tools used by the inhabitants of the valley, from household utensils to tools to work the field, going through all kind of representative objects of the jobs which before guaranteed the survival of the area. We can also watch an audiovisual where the main characters are the last millers of the valley, who tell us how life was there. It is all about a first tasting to all the things we will see along the tour which begins here.

Ca l'Ambròs

Few meters from the school, crossing the medieval bridge, we find the rural house Ca l’Ambròs. Here, we can visit the sawmill and the milling room, two spaces with long history, since we find them already aforementioned in written documents of the 16th century. The sawmill, with a circular saw, also provides, as it was usual, a saw sharpener. All together works thanks to a gear articulated by the hydraulic power. In the milling room we find two mills, the flour mill and the grain cleaning machine.

Cal Guirre

Following the water path, about 500 meters up, we get to the rural house Cal Guirre, a group formed by the mill, the sawmill, the smithery and the carpenter’s shop. It is an architectural group restored and adapted for the visitors since 2015, hence both the mill and the sawmill can be seen in operation and we can also visit the smithery as it just was when the smith worked there. In the upper floor, we can also enter the home where the last millers lived, with its fireplace, the dining room, the living room, the bedrooms… here, and for some moments, we can picture how the inhabitants of the valley lived only a century ago.

A la Vall es feina tot tipus d’oficis que garantien la supervivència a la zona.

Els diferents espais museïtzats també compten amb una mostra d'eines segons sigui l'ofici.

El riu Aigua d'Ora, la muntanya de Busa i de Trevil, el romànic i molts altres encants que val la pena viure.

La Vall d'Ora

A valley where present and past live together