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The anvil is where they molded the hot metals by hammering them.


Forge an anvil was not an easy task, for this reason they were stamped with a drawing ( a sign which distinguished the workshops) and the year they were made. In Cal Guirre there were two anvils, a big one, which was normally used by the smith, and a small one, which was often used by the children to play with. Unfortunately, both of them were stolen. Thanks to the written records by Ramon Corominas in 1988 (he sketched and made a copy of the big anvil using tracing paper and coal from the same smithery), we can know today that it was forged in 1865, and we have the knowledge of its weigth, etc. This same drawing is also found in a big anvil of the storehouse Magatzem del Clot del Moro, in Castellar de N’Hug, although we do not know who forged them.


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