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The Ecomuseum of La Vall d’Ora includes the old school of La Vall d’Ora (l’Estudi), the country houses of Ca l’Ambròs and Cal Guirre, which are connected to each other through the irrigation ditch, of about 500m of route. In the Ecomuseum you will discober how life was in the rural houses of the 19th century and what kind of jobs people did.

the jobs


In La Vall d’Ora, people did all kind of jobs, from barber to the production of flour, the work at the sawmill or also at the smithery. In the old school they preserve images and tools from its inhabitants who were related to those jobs: householod utensils, field tools… objects belonging to all kind of tasks which guaranteed the living of the area.

the valley


La Vall d’Ora is formed by several scattered rural houses led by the mountain range of busa and bathed by the river Aigua d’Ora. The Romanesque churches, the hiding places of the Civil War, the amount of country houses, and the legend of Count Guifré, among others, tell us that we find ourselves in a place full of history.